dimanche 13 janvier 2013

Pas de cadeau de Noël?

Cette année à Noël, je savais que je n'aurais pas de cadeau à déballer. J'avais demandé un cadeau beaucoup trop cher, personne ne pouvait me faire un aussi gros cadeau.

Ce soir là, j`étais content pour les autres, mais j'étais triste, parce que je savais que je devrais ramasser mes sous très longtemps avant de pouvoir m'acheter ce que je voulais.

Mais,  ma mère  m'a joué un tour. J'avais un cadeau à déballer, il y avait 4 Skylanders dans la boîte. Sous les Skylanders, il y avait une petite carte avec une pomme dessus, je n'étais pas certain de comprendre. Ma mère m'a dit d'aller dans sa sacoche. J`ai trouvé mon Ipod touch 5!! J'étais tellement content c'était la plus belle nuit de ma vie!

Maintenant, je dois rembourser mes parents, mais au moins, je peux m`amuser avec mon Ipod!

dimanche 11 décembre 2011

My friend's birthday

My friend's birthday

During the weekend I went to Ian's birthday. It was at recreo-fun, it was fun, I climbed up in a tricky spider web. When I got all the way to the top, I let myself fall and got stuck. After the spider web' we went to eat. I ate two pizza slices. After we ate, the cake came with popcorn. After we ate the dessert we went to play again when I came back I was sweaty. After Ian's birthday we went to Ian's house. We went to play sonic free riders.

I had a lot of fun today!

dimanche 4 décembre 2011

The super day!

On the weekend, I went to Ian's house and it was fun we played sunk the race game and I won and I got tired so we went to take a break. After, we went to play on the computer and it was fun. After that we, went to watch funny shows it was so funny we couldn't stop laughing after we stop laughing we went to play hockey. First we practice, after we did the game Ian and me were together and Ian did 4 goals and I was in the goal and Ian's dad made four goals. The last goal I did it and Ian and me had won.

vendredi 25 novembre 2011

With my dad at the hockey game

Two weeks ago, My dad took me to a hockey game it was the city team, Les Remparts, playing against the Huskies. It was the first time I went to a hockey game. I was happy to go to the hockey game with my dad because I like hockey and spend time alone with my father. WE bought a bag of chips and a bottle of water. MY dad bought me a T-shirt of Remparts and we went to sit. The Remparts got 4 points and the Huskies got 3 or 2 , And the Remparts won.

I had a really fun with my dad.

dimanche 6 novembre 2011

Lego block city

I had drawn a jay stink bomb his mouth was stinking and his hair was stinking and his pants was stinking too and I had watch looney toones shows is back into action. And I was repairing a clock and play Lego city I had build a house and my sister and my brother.

I had build a house in Lego, I had made a bathtub and a shower and an oven a fridge and a sink and a freezer and a bed and a table to eat with a tv and a hook for a hat.

samedi 22 octobre 2011

probleme with wordQ

I was suposed to write my  blog every week with wordQ, but it's not working. It is not writing the words. My mom will need help to understand how it works.

mercredi 23 février 2011

Chair and Tree, Watch out for the Santa Gargoyle!

Once upon a time Chair and Tree were sleeping in their room. The Santa gargoyle locked the door to the kid’s bedroom because he did not want them to be able to get out of the room and stop him from eating their parents.
Chair and Tree have a great plan to make a key to open the door to their secret traps. They use rocks and glue to make the key. They take their secret traps and they go up in the attic to set up the traps. They wait for the gargoyle to come.
They hear the gargoyle coming. Tree jumps on the trap to catch the gargoyle. The gargoyle is trapped and can’t get away.
Chair and Tree call the police. The police take him to prison for a hundred years.